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BLGW to Hager KNX-system

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BeoHut posted on Thu, Mar 30 2017 2:18 PM
Dear members,

In my apartment I have a Hager KNX-system installed for my lights. A touchdisplay is installed ion the wall in the livingroom. Alll the lightswitches work with RF. A few lamps are connected to KNX-dimmers and wall on/of sockets. Everything is working fine.

Now I want to go a bit further in home-automation. I want to control my Nest Thermostat (3rd gen), Nest Protectand of course my NL-products (Avant, V1, and a few BeoSounds(Moment, Essence 2x, BS35, BS1 and A9).

Until now there is no connection with the internet to my router with the KNX-system

What kind of component do I need to complete my KNX-system to operate my B&O-stuff and my Nest products? I do not have a domovea-server, but was thinking of adding an IP gateway from Hager Type TYF120. Will this work?

The ethernetcable is already there.

The next step will be a BLGW. Is the Beolink app appropriate for controlling everything?

Even blinds/curtains? What brand do you recommend?

Please let me know your experience and your advice which component(s) I need.

Thanks in advance!

Greetz, BeoHut

Also posted Home Automation topic on 23rd of January, but still no reaction. That's why I try this topic.
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