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Beogram 5000 side noise

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Uuseli posted on Fri, Mar 24 2017 8:27 AM


I recently bought a Beogram 5000 - my long lasted search for a Bang & Olufsen turntable had finally ended. The  turntable works fine, but. When the platter spins, it makes a rather funny noise; I don't know how to explain the sound as english isn't my first language, but it resembles whirring of some sort. I took the turntable back to the store and they checked it. They made the whirring go more quiet by lubricating the motor but I can still hear it even thou I would sit two meters away from the turntable. 

So my question is, is this normal and if it's not, what can I do to get the whirring away. I know that a turntable shich is belt operated makes little sound, but it shouldn't be that loud that you hear it to your listening positiong, right?

All help is appreciated! Thank you!

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Saint Beogrowler
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It should not make any noise. Could be belt, motor, height adjustment, transport screws tightened, an obstruction, for starters.

If the seller or someone else put a too tight belt in, the motor could be damaged and noisy.

At higher volumes, sounds from the table will noticeably distort your music.
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Dillen replied on Fri, Mar 24 2017 5:05 PM

I agree with what Peter suggests; Bad motor bearings or brushes.
Try spinning the motor by hand (unpowered and without belt).


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Xtractif replied on Tue, Dec 11 2018 10:48 AM

Hi I have a Beogram 3300 which sounds like the platter is catching the frame, works fine without platter

you mentioned height adjustment, how do you adjust that?



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