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Automatic power on / source switch of Playmaker / Essence when it receives a stream.

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Stefan E
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Stefan E posted on Sat, Feb 25 2017 9:21 AM

Hello all, 

I´ve an idea I would like to check with you if it may work or if I´ve missed anything in my head. 

My plan´s is to achieve a solution there I have a Playmaker or Essence automatically switch source (switch on if powered of) on my BS5 or my older BM 6500. 

I´m  thinking to use the power link switch on pin 4 to trigger pre defined macros in my Lintronic box.
According to Michael at lintronic this could be done by use a transistor to achieve a digital input to the Lintronic box.

From the same power link cable I of cause also take out the sound.

On the other end of the cable I was planing a 7 pin DIN, to use for sound in + datalink there the datalink should be connected to the Lintronic box for possible commands via the BM6500 via link.  

The lintronic box will send IR commands to the playmaker or Essence (for Essence I´m not shore if it would possible to connect it directly to IR input from the IR out of Lintronic box).

Do you think that this setup would work to achieve automatic power / switch source when I start to stream to the Playmaker or Essence?


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Guy replied on Sat, Feb 25 2017 9:43 AM

Interesting!  I have no Lintronic experience but I was thinking of a simpler way of achieving what you want.

How about using the PM's PL pin 4 to supply power to the battery terminals of a Beoremote 'A Terminal' that is itself setup to transmit AUX (or whatever) when powered on? (Either internally modified or permanent physical depression of the AUX key).  The signal only goes out once however long the button is held.

I was going to try my solution, but then realised that you would of course want to pick up a B&O remote anyway to set the volume, because the PM is set up to fixed output in this sort of setup.

I did once use the PM's pin 4 to trigger a B&O Remote Switch which then switched on a BM900!  This worked very well!

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