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Beogram 6000 true white edition?

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beowild posted on Thu, Feb 23 2017 3:30 PM

Hello everybody

Just picked up my first Beogram 6000 quad white edition in not too bad shape. On the way home trough swiss mountains i started having doubts whether the BG is really a white system or just painted by some preowner. My question is, is there a easy way to tell whether it is a b&o white edition or just a resprayed wood version?

every hint will be highly appreciated

Best regards


BEOGRAM 6000 BANG & OLUFSEN (378) - 20.02.2017 20:46:00 - 1

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Teddy_fr replied on Fri, Feb 24 2017 10:40 AM

Hello David,


generally when B&O equipments are re-sprayed in white some signs of the wood veneer can be seen. At 500 % zoom yours seems to show, a little, the grain of the old wood veneer. The original white finish is completely smooth.

If your white finish is fake, you could dismantle the frame of your beautiful 6000 and give it to a good car painter. He is going to applicate a special finish to hide the wood grain before painting with a satinated semi gloss white. Then you find again the original B&O white appearence. Your rare Beogram deserves it !



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Hi Marc

Thank you very much for your information. So the next step for me will be to open the case and have a look inside. From the service manual on the product site the opening of the case looks quite simple. The service manual mentions four different veneers (including BG400X) with four different part numbers. For BG6000 only three colours were delivered (following data from beocentral: rosewood, teak and white). I hope that from the inside i will see which colour or veneer was delivered as new.

Thanks again

best regards, David

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