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Beolab 18, Transmitter and Essence mk1, beosound S8 hub.

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klauskook posted on Mon, Jan 30 2017 9:39 PM

Hi All,

Im new here, but i looks like it is the best place for me.

I hope somebody can help me.

I just bough some Beolab 18 speakers, since my Samsung TV sound really sucks.
To controle the volume I also have a Beosound S8 hub.


> Optical cable from TV to Hub.
> PL1 and PL2 from Hub to Transmitter1.
> Transmitter 1 to WISA connected Beolab 18.

The new problem is that i also have a Essences mk1.
But I can't connect it to the transmitter, so the music is coming out of the speakers...

Can anyone help me?

Thanks - Klaus 

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Aussie Michael
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Hi Klaus

Have you seen this video ?

Check it out at 3:00 

Does that help? 


I don't think it matters that your essence is a Mk1 as you're using it as a standalone 

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