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BV Avant 85" and BLC configuration HELP!

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ulziiskii posted on Fri, Jan 6 2017 2:38 AM

Hi Dears,. 

1st room: BV-Avant 85" have BeoLab 5 2pcs Pls see this picture:

2nd room: BeoSound, BeoMaster5 with BeoLab4 2pcs and Passive 2pcs BeoVOX Pls see this picture:

We're using BLC (BeoLink Converter).

Avant 85" on BLC configuration

Avant 85" on VM OPTION configuration

BeoSound AM OPTION configuration

My Questions 


How Can i set confuration BV Avant, BeoSound5, BLC (BeoLink Converter) ?

1. From BV Avant 85" sound to BeoLab4 and BeoVox

2. From BeoLab4 and BeoVox sound to BV Avant 85"

3. BV Avant 85" speaker share configuration (if you see this picture)

Thanks for your replays 







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I'm not an expert in this but have been playing around with my NLML Converter just this evening.

Im have a BS5, NLML Converter, Avant 55 and the Lab90s.

BS5 ML to NLML Conv.

NLML Conv to LAN. 

BM5 sp/Dif direct to Lab 90


In the Avant Setup, go into Setup/Product Integration/Link to other Sources/Red button.

Red button should autosetup. BeoRemote One can now be configured. (CD Link symbol)

I have found though that linking the BM5 into the Avant renderer gives support quality than linked CD. You lose MOTs.

It may be worthwhile loading BeoSetup app (admin/admin) to detail the converter and map controls etc. It may be that some Dealer reconfigure may be required.


To get the BL4 and other speakers connected, I don't have first hand experience on how this works or is controlled? It may be the BM5 PL outputs give something, alternatively, the RJ45 speaker outputs on the converter can be used (note that the CD Link is used for the Avant and CD or N.Music - depending on how the BS5 is configured for remote activation)

Hope that gives some insight to you possible solution?




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You Beolink Converter should be in V.Master.


To Play  the music from Avant 85 to the Beolab4 and Beovox, you need to use the Beomusic app and activate the multiroom function. In this case, the speakers should be connected to the Beolink Converter and the Beomaster 5 is connected thru masterlink to the BLC. If you need further help, just let me know.

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