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new Beolab 12.3 faulty ?

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marexy posted on Sun, Jan 1 2017 3:53 PM

I bought a BL 12.3

new...ex.. showroom Exponat.
When they Connecting to supply 230v, nothing happens.
No lights.... red or green.
What am I doing wrong?
Or I was misled by buying?

thanks for all your help  :)

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You will get no lights until you connect to your source (Tv/beocenter/beomaster ) and turn it on. 

A wonderful speaker, enjoy.

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The comment from valve1 is correct. Only when a source is selected for playing, the green light will switch on on top of the speakers (ALT).

When the speakers will be put in standby, only for about 5 seconds a red light will be shown. After this the red light fades away.

This is how my 12-2 and 12-3 act. A perfect speaker (even alone or in combination with a BL11). Enjoy them!
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Thanks to all for fast reply.

All is fine...let's say,,,,

I made cable PWL to JR45 and it plays.

But ..but  the quality of the bass I'm  disappointed!
Worse than my 20-year-old BL 6000th
Only the mid -high tones are better for my taste.
We will see how it will only work when they are in their final positions.
When the bass is on 70% of full power it resonate plastic.

There is no bass reflex but the compression chamber and is not strong enough housing for the power of bass drivers.

Tha bass is like strange bum bum from plastic box...

hey ..B&O engineers...w..t ..f ..:(

i'm udiophile for 20 years ..and l listen a looooot of goood and bad spekers.

Hello we are tolking obout 3700€ speaker ( paar ) here ...hmmm

My current!.. rating:
manufacturing quality is 7/10
the appearance-designe of the speaker 9,5/10
bass 6/10
midtones 8/10
high 9/10

Please do not misunderstand me it's my assessment and is not yet final yet.
Wait until the wall brackets are done and then  within 14 days will reload this assessment .

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L1NO replied on Mon, Jan 2 2017 9:37 PM

My 12's resonated trough there wall-bracketd. Re-attatching the brackets fixed that. Bass curves off at higher volumes but is still quite 'there'. Did you also tried the position switch? This adjusts the bass alot!

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Not yet..that is my first 20 min, test.

Will see after final instalation.


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