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Beolab 8000 MKII + Beolab 2/11

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Beobird posted on Tue, Dec 13 2016 3:44 PM

Dear Beoworlders,

At the moment I'm running 2 different setups. One more audiophile setup (Sonus Faber + Naim) which pleases the ears and one pure B&O setup which is also wonderful to look at :)

I'm now running the B&O setup with 2 Beolab 8000's MKII. In the beginning I was pretty surprised that the speakers had a lot of bass for their size (4 inch woofers), but at the moment it feels like there is a little lack in the more deeper basses.

My B&O room is about 25m2 (speakers 5ft away from the listening position) and therefore I think the BL2 is too much. The system is also mainly used for music, so I'm not really searching for a big boom box.

The Beolab 11 looked like the proper addidtion. The double 6.5 inch drivers add in theory some extra power and depth to the 8000's. But when I was searching on the net I also found some posts in which was stated that the Beolab 11 didn't add anything extra to the 8000's. This confused me a bit.

Therefore I'm really curious if there are members running 8000's MKII happily with a Beolab 11 as addition?

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davidr replied on Tue, Dec 13 2016 4:39 PM

My 2c. I don't have a 8000 and bl11 but I do have a bl8000 mki and bl2 set up. Indeed it was a little tricky to set up the Beolab 2 in my space given it doesn't have a lot of adjustments so physically moving it around was really my biggest option. Personally my space is a little bigger though I don't find the bl2 distracting, it really cleared up the response of the 8000s by taking the low load off them.

They're set to option2 and wall if anything, though I really wish for a phase adjust and cutoff.

Probably doesn't help you much but just wanted to add that.

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BartS replied on Tue, Dec 13 2016 9:07 PM

I have the combination of Beolab 8000 mk II in combination with the Beolab 11. Before I had the Rel Quake II added to Beolabs 8000.

The Beolab 8000 is a quick and musical sub. It adds that extra punch to the 8000's. It is subtle and not too present. Recommended for music in my opinion.



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9 LEE replied on Tue, Dec 13 2016 10:39 PM

A BeoLab 11 will be drowned by 8000's if you turn the volume up in my opinion.

Get a BeoLab 2, set it to 'corner' and turn down the bass level  on the source if you feel it's too much?


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Rick74 replied on Wed, Dec 14 2016 9:47 AM

I also have the combination bl8000 mk2 and bl11 and use it only for music.

The bl8000's are connected through the bl11 and I think it makes the bl8000's sound more open and the whole sound experience is just better. Still not a lot of bass, but just a more complete and pleasant sound.

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Beobird replied on Wed, Dec 14 2016 12:54 PM

Thanks a lot everybody for the quick response! I'm happy to hear that the Beolab 11 sounds like a nice addition to room to give the BL8000's a subtle boost. I expact that the unit will arive next week, so I'm looking forward to give it a spin :)


Have been thinking about that solution as well since the bl2 also goes a bit deeper (22hz). Would be even better if this option was combined with a external crossover to ensure that the bl2 is only used with the most lowest basses. But the biggest issue for me is that the current setup is already kind of positioned close together (beovisions, bs9000 and 8000 within 6ft). Therefore it feels like the bl2 is also to big in proportion to fit the rest well. Maybe an option if I move in the future to a larger space where I can play my music louder as well.

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Jeff replied on Wed, Dec 14 2016 2:43 PM

Both the BL11 and the BL2 have internal high pass and low pass crossovers. While the BL11 only has adjustments for position (wall, corner, free) the BL2 also has if I recall three different xover points as well.But I've heard that the BL11 is easier to integrate well without bass overload. It's so hard to tell on paper though, so much depends on your room and such.

Of course, to really make it easier and have a better chance of successfully integrating with speakers, you'd like a bit more adjustment, as mentioned earlier, phase. You can adjust phase by speaker position, but it's awkward if where you want to put it is in a bad spot without the ability to adjust things like that. I like the adjustments on the BL19, but it doesn't have a built in high pass to take the bass out of the mains unless you use it with the transmitter.

I went through the same decisions a while ago, BL11 or BL2 for my 8000s, and wound up getting BL9s for the living room and moving the BL8000s to the dining room. I'll be interested in hearing how you think the 8000/11 combo sounds to you.


I'm afraid I'm recovering from the BeoVirus. Sad

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RogerB replied on Mon, Nov 20 2017 10:44 AM

The Beolab 11 which I wanted to buy last year had some ugly marks so I decided to wait. 2 weeks ago I finally found a Beolab 11 in mind condition and I enjoy it alot! Hereby I would like to give a little review which might help others to decide as well.

I've connected my Beolab 8000 MKII to the Beolab 11 and the current room in which the speakers are playing is about 25m2. I tried to play a bit with the position and the setup and ended up with the Beolab 11 next to my right speaker at the right side. It's in 'position 1' and the bass on the Beovision is set on +0 (actually had to bring it back from +3 (bl 8000 only)).

The sound changed in a very positive way. I was actually expecting more/deeper bass only, but this outcome is much better! It sounds like the image is more 'open'. The Beolab 8000's produced some bass as well in the past, but it felt like the sound was more 'in your face', because they had to work really hard to generate this bass. You could also point out from where the sound was comming. Right now it feels like the complete room is filled with sound. The high/mid definitely improved and the bass which is now generated by the 11 is much more controlled.

With movies you can notice the difference as well. The change in sound is not that big as it is with music (since movies most of the time have a lot of voices and some extreme bass scenes), but those extra hz are pretty cool. The 11 does not give a groundbreaking experience like other subs can do, but I actually don't care. I use the setup in 90% of the time for music and for this purpose it's perfect.

So at the end I'm really pleased with the 11. I do like the addition of the lower frequencies a lot since it makes the picture complete, but I'm most happy with the 'open' sound stage! If you have a pair of 8000's, a small/medium room and you're in love with music... go for the 11, you won't regret your choice :)

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