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Help needed, Beolab 2000 and Beolink 1611 problem

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sia posted on Sat, Dec 10 2016 10:40 AM

I apologize if this question has been raised before.  I have tried to find the answer but couldn’t find the help I needed. I’m trying to bring my old Beolab 2000 back to life. The setup is iphone connected to a beolink converter 1611 and connected to BL2000 using masterlink cable. From what I could read. You should be able to hear the sound by choosing TV button on BL2000. However the setup doesn’t work. All cables are new and I see the green light on BL and red one if I press timer button.

From some older posts, I remember that one could activate the BL2000 using Beo4 (a combinations of a-memory and some other buttons that I don't remember) instead of TV-button on BL2000. Is use of Beo4 necessary? is there a way to just use BL2000 buttons to make the setup work? 

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