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Which router to use? Very unstable internet connection...

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dasun posted on Sun, Nov 27 2016 10:55 AM

Hi all,


after extensively researching the possible problems of my B&O setup, I'm realizing, that one of the main issues is my wireless router. I am using a german brand called AVM Fritz Box 7360, which, according to german media, supposedly is the best router for private use. Also, I have attached an Apple time capsule to that router, so basically, I am using two wireless networks.

All devices that are using the the Apple network, perform without any issues. The Fritzbox, which is the network for all my B&O stuff, is a desaster however, it is a gamble, whether my devices can find and login to the network. More than ever I get network errors. Even if I try to log in to the Fritzbox network via iPhone or iPad, it gives me a connection error. Our wireless alarm system for our appartment from Daitem is also connected via LAN to the Fritzbox.

To make a long story short: what routers do you use for your wireless B&O equipment, especially the Moment, Beosystem 1/2, Beovision etc.? Are there any setup advices you can give me?

Thanks in advance!


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elephant replied on Sat, Dec 17 2016 11:55 AM

Am I the only one here with more than one multiroom device, where a simple multiroom function has a 50% chance of working when used?

I have only one multi-room device (Essence) and a converter to a BV and a BS.

However I have many Apple devices (a 3 party household of iPhones/iPads/ATVs, Macs, and Windows devices).

So I have some of, and some different issues from, you; but none as a 50/50 chance of things working.

I feel for you [:\'(]

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It's not that there are too many.

Just sounds like a wifi issue.

I've got about 12 products connected. No problems.

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dasun replied on Sun, Dec 18 2016 12:09 AM

Apparently you seem to habe a masterlink connection, I am talking about netlink devices (a6, essence, beosound 1 etc).

The more I think about it, the more it seems to NOT be a wifi issue. Today, for example, the A6 did not want to connect to the internet and Beomusic displayed 'no internet connection'. After I unplugged the A6, so it could restart, it was connected to the internet and I could use it without any problems for music playback.

It is however, a very frustrating experience. I did have to restart my Essence already four times this week. More than often it takes about 3-5 minutes after starting the Beomusic app and selecting a playlist on deezer until it is possible to listen to music. For me, this is totally unacceptable.

I've paid over 30k€ for B&O equipment, and there is only a 50/50 chance, whether I will be able to simply play music on one device. My prior Sonos speakers, which used the same wifi network, always played music right away, without any dropouts.

So, at his point it is either bad software or cheap hardware. 

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The Airport Express devices are connected to the Time Capsule to extend the wireless range. 

As an installer, I'm not keen on this approach. WiFi is half-duplex, meaning that only one device can ever be transmitting at one point in time, assuming your airport express boxes are connected wirelessly to the time capsule, they will be repeating every transmission, so the first one will effectively halve your maximum WiFi throughput, and the second one will halve it again.

The moment is definitely most stable when the soundheart is connected to a wired network, although the jukebox will still require WiFi access in order to communicate with the soundheart. It's obviously not always practicable to run a new network cable within an existing dwelling, so I'll often make use of a set of powerline adapters when installing a moment, or when troubleshooting one that is not performing reliably on WiFi. I tend to use the Devolo 1200+ ac WiFi models which are not the cheapest, but do seem to perform very well.

Also, if you keep your existing setup, try to ensure all the B&O devices connect to the same WiFi band, either 2.4GHz or 5GHz (which in this case will mean 2.4GHz as the moment does not support 5GHz WiFi). - also make sure that whatever device you are running the beomusic app on is also connected to this band.

Also, look out for other devices that might be disrupting you WiFi signal - heavily populated urban areas are often pretty congested - particularly on 2.4GHz, and devices such as microwave ovens, PIR motions sensors for intruder alarms. Wireless baby monitors, and a number of other non WiFi devices that happen to share the same frequency can play havoc.


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Chris replied on Sun, Dec 18 2016 5:51 AM

what routers do you use for your wireless B&O equipment, especially the Moment, Beosystem 1/2, Beovision etc.?

Ubiquiti enterprise

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valve1 replied on Sun, Dec 18 2016 6:37 AM

Wifi is very easily upset by all sorts of equipment. Before anything else I would ask your wifi supplier to get a technician out to test it in your house.

It can be remotely tested but this will not show local interference if there is any .I have come across faulty transformer in a security cameras wiping out wifi in one house which was streets away. Routers  can fail also.

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