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Beolab 5 Generations

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carstenkochde posted on Sun, Nov 6 2016 11:04 PM

Please community, does anyone know which generations exist of the Beolab 5?

I am going to buy a pair of Beolab 5. I do strongly consider to by a second life pair, instead of a new one. 

They will be run as a surround sound system, together with four Beolab 3 speakers, driven by a B&O television that still needs to be acquired, and with a Beosound 9000.

What would I have to pay attention to? In which years did the product generations change? Did any change affect the sound quality? Did any change affect the compatibility with other B&O devices? 

Thank you for your valuable help.

Kind regards


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Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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Hi Carsten,

Welcome to Beoworld! The only major change to Beolab 5 that I am aware of was the activation of the "Sync" socket from April 2004 (at serial number 17772145 and software level 2.5), but this only really affects owners who are using Beolab 5 with a non-B&O system.

Basically, the Sync socket allows a pair of Beolab 5 speakers to play at matched volume levels when used with a non-B&O source via the S/PDIF or Line inputs, via this Sync cable:

For earlier Beolab 5 versions used with a non-B&O system, you need to ensure that each speaker has line of sight from the remote control to keep the volume levels matched.  For use with a B&O TV or music system, the Powerlink cable provides volume data to each speaker, so the Sync function isn't needed.

Hence, any version of Beolab 5 should work well for your setup.

Kind regards, Steve.


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They also changed the power socket from IEC C14 to IEC C8. Probably only due to Eu regulations. But some argue this was a cost saving feature although I fail to see why it would be. C8 is not grounded though.
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