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Beoplay A2 and Beoplay App connection issues

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espoirmsk posted on Mon, Oct 10 2016 9:17 AM

Hello, I'm having troubles connecting my Beoplay A2 speaker and Beoplay app on the iPhone. I get the message that the app cannot find any product nearby. The speaker has the latest firmware and the app is the latest version available.

The full story is this. I updated A2 firmware to the latest version. I connected Beoplay app to the speaker just fine. I was trying to connect the speaker to the app on the second device with no luck. I thought that if I disconnect the speaker from the app on the first device it might help but now no one of this devices can't connect the app to the speaker. 

I should mention that both my devices are playing music through the speaker just fine. The problem is only with the app that doesn't connect.

I also tried to reset the list of Bluetooth devices on the speaker by holding power+bluetooth buttons for 3 seconds and repaired my devices but still can't connect app on any of them.

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