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Which SPDIF cable: common or highend?

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Catrijo posted on Mon, Aug 1 2016 4:43 PM

I got a bit lost in the reviews I read in order to choose what kind of digital cable to use between the beomaster 5 en beolabs 5. Is it necessary for getting the best full sound to use high end cables with similar high costs or am I lucky and can I use  more common prices cables like Bleu Jeans (Belden 1694A wire) cables or even cheaper ones from the shop at the corner?
I had contact with several shops and the advice was very different.

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Please don't vaste a lot of your money on the cable.

A 'common' cable will do the trick - as long as is properly made, it will be allright.


There is a tv - and there is a BV.

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Not the the cheapest ones, but a low priced cable will be enough... Wink

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Duels replied on Mon, Aug 1 2016 8:23 PM
Surely a job for Steve at Sounds Heavenly. Site sponsor.
Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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Thanks Duels!

I agree that the S/PDIF cables don't need to be expensive, but a little bit of care in choosing the cables will help ensure that there is no attenuation or rounding of the digital pulses, especially on longer cable runs.

Whilst B&O's early paperwork for Beolab 5 stated that any RCA cables could be used, the original Sony/Philips specification for the S/PDIF data format (the S/P part of the name is short for Sony/Philips) confirms that 75 Ohm co-axial cable should be used to minimise pulse reflections and potential data loss.

I have found sensibly priced 75 Ohm co-axial cables using RG59 wiring and metal plugs with gold contacts that give a good clear sound to Beolab 5 speakers, you can see details here:-

It is worth noting that a volume synchronisation function was enabled on Beolab 5 speakers from serial no. 17772145 and software level 2.5 and above (around April 2004 onwards), so these speakers benefit from adding a Sync cable between the speakers when connecting them to a non-B&O source (this ensures the speakers play at matched volume levels):-

I'm always happy to help with any questions on cabling!

Kind regards, Steve.


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