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Q: Beomaster 1900-2 - static hum

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rokpete posted on Wed, Jul 13 2016 8:01 AM

Hello all

I got myself a nice second hand vintage B&O set, that consists of:

Beomaster 1900-2 -tuner/amp

Beogram 2202 -turntable

Beovox s30 -speakers

all in white.

They are in very nice condition externally, but for some reason the Beomaster gives a static "hum". Not very loud, but enough to bother. The hum stays no matter which input I select. Any ideas where to poke?

Other little weirdness is when I push the "stand-by" -button - then I can hear a "clicketiclick" directly from the beomaster -unit and the volume setting goes to the max  - does this ring any bells?

Thank you in advance,


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Craig replied on Tue, Jul 19 2016 8:16 PM

Hi rock.......although I have not experienced this problem I have read one or two threads here that describe a similar problem. Based on these threads I would suggest your problem lies in the mains transformer, apparently the core which is made up of multiple laminations starts to de laminate over time and starts to vibrate causing a hum......solution is to replace the whole thing 

Not very encouraging I know.......and I may have it wrong ;-)




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Lee replied on Tue, Jul 19 2016 8:27 PM
Is the hum from the unit itself or the speakers?

And what is the preset volume control set to underneath the flip panel?
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