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Beogram 1700 tone arm lifter

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Vintagekeys1975 posted on Sun, Jun 12 2016 12:25 PM

Hi folks

This is my first post and it will probably be a typical newbie one to more experienced owners! Many years ago I had a beautiful Beomaster 3400 which I regret selling. For a long time now I have wanted to return to the B&O brand.

Before I start, I have tried searching this issue and haven't been able to see the specific problem listed.

Last week I bought a used Beogram 1700 from ebay to compliment my Beomaster 2000. Everything works fine as far as motor speed, buttons doing what they should and tonearm cueing. The only problem I have is with the lifter arm. It doesn't follow the tone arm as the arm moves across the record and there is about 5mm play either way in relation to the tone arm. If I place the tonearm into the lifter arm, it will work fine to place the needle on the record but by the end, the lifter is 5mm to the side of the tone arm so it doesn't pick the arm up properly. 

On the black surface below the loose lifter arm there appears to be a wedge shaped indent that the height adjusting screw sits in. This limits the play of the lifter arm to the 5mm either side that I mentioned. 

Should there be a part or piece of plastic that sits in the wedge shaped indent and receives the screw from the floppy lifter arm? If not I cannot see a way of stopping this happening!

Thanks for reading.










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