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New System With Faults! Where To Start??

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Lewis posted on Mon, Apr 18 2016 10:24 PM


Let me just start by saying this is my first post on the forum as I have just acquired my first bit of B&O kit, so please excuse me if I ask any stupid questions.

I have recently purchased a Beosystem 5000 from ebay, consisting of:


  • Beomaster 5000
  • Beogram 5005
  • Beocord 5000
  • Beovox S55's
  • MCP 5000


However, this system is far from perfect...

The Beocord is as dead as a dodo, no lights, no movement whatsoever.  I have changed the fuse in the plug, but this did not turn out to be the problem. I don't even know where to start looking on this one, I don't play any cassettes, but it would be nice to get the unit working.

The Beogram is what I mainly intend to use the system for, it is complete with an MMC4 cartridge, but the audio output has a horrible distortion. I am aware that I can purchase a replacement cartridge from Soundsmith, or have the original re-tipped by Axel in Germany. Does anyone have any experience in either of these, what do you recommend, and are there any alternatives available?

I have also noticed that the Beogram can tend to have a mind of its own... Sometimes, when I press the stop button, the arm will refuse to lift, thus scraping it across the record!! Surprise Other times, the arm moves into position on the record and then proceeds to raise and lower the arm continually.  I have now cured this twice by removing the platter, and manually operating the solenoid that engages the lift/lower gear mechanism.

The 33 / 45 window on the indicator arm is missing, so I am just left with two square LEDs. Is it possible to source a replacement part, or would it be simple to fabricate a replacement?

The Beomaster appears to be in good shape, although I have only tried it through the phono channel, as I have no other working sources. The only issue I have noted is that the "Open" button can be temperamental, and will do nothing unless pressed twice or in a certain place etc.

The Beovox S55's were advertised as having "light foam perishing", but removing the grills revealed that there was in fact no foam left at all! I am currently listening to the system through my home cinema connected to the "Pre Amp" terminals, so I am not in a huge rush to get these speakers repaired.  Am I best buying a re-foaming kit and repairing the woofers myself, or buying a replacement driver all together?

I am yet to buy a set of D batteries for the MCP, so cannot comment on the condition of that as of yet.

Any help  and advice would be greatly appreciated as I know very little about B&O products, I purchased this system as I have always liked the unusual styling of the Beogram turntables, and the whole system looks pretty sleek over all.

I have tried to upload images of the system, but I can only seem to upload one at a time.


Many thanks in advance,





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Dillen replied on Tue, Apr 19 2016 5:36 PM

Welcome to Beoworld!

Are you an experienced electronics tech guy ?
Which tools and instruments do you have?


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Here is a Beoworld forum thread where I did a restoration of my Beosystem 5000 components. It doesn't dig in real deep but might give you a general idea of what you can run into.


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chartz replied on Tue, Apr 19 2016 7:31 PM

I did a complete 5000/5500 system too. If I can be of any help...

By the way, the MCP is often described as a battery eater, but if it is properly restored those purposefully big batteries will last forever. Two years so far since my last change !

Also, do not neglect the archived forum!

Here's an example of what can still be found. The Beocord 5000 is a superb recorder by any standards.

Check the 10Ω resistor in the PSU. It is a safety resistor that smokes when there is a mechanical problem, usually a bad belt that turned into goo. 


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Open button is not a button Smile it's a release that lets the front fall through gravity - although there is a gear connect to the hinge mechanism that controls the speed of descent so that it appears motorised ..... I just loved that design. As the original brochure said about the 5000 .... it's an Aladdin's lamp

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Lewis replied on Wed, Apr 20 2016 12:17 PM

Thank you for all of your quick responses,

Dillen, to answer your question:
No, I am not a particularly experienced tech guy, although I do not mind getting my hands dirty, and I do consider myself myself a mechanically minded person.  As far as tools go, I only have basic tools (ie, screw drivers, wire cutters, soldering iron etc), I do not own a multi meter, but I am prepared to purchase one if necessary.


Thank you for sending through links to previous projects, this will surely help when I get round to repairing the Beocord.


My biggest problem at the moment at the moment is the Beogram's tone arm not raising and scratching the record and the aluminium surface of the deck!

I have since investigated the issue, and have concluded that the issue lies within the Beomaster, here is why...

I have tested the Beogram out in various configurations, here are the results:


  • Beogram NOT Connected To Beomaster                             =   No Problems 
  • Beogram Connected To Beomaster Phono Socket            =    Arm Lifting Problem 
  • Beogram Connected To Beomaster Phono Socket            =    Arm Lifting Problem
  • Beogram Connected To Beomaster Tape 1 Socket             =   No Problems 
  • Beogram Connected To Beomaster Phono Socket             =   No Problems
    (WITH PINS 6 & 7 REMOVED FROM DIN PLUG)                


These results can only lead me to believe that there is a probelm with the DATALINK pins on on the Phono DIN socket (internal to the Beomaster)

Would you agree?

The Beogram 5005 is also unresponsive to commands sent from the MCP 5000

I have not yet opened the beomaster up, but I am expecting the two datalink pins to be shorted together.  Could this cause such an issue?


Thank you for your co-operation.


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