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Beomaster 900rg De Luxe - Restoration and Dissasembly questions

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Bangboy posted on Thu, Mar 24 2016 1:14 PM

Hello forum members,
First post today.  So, I recently picked up a gorgeous Beomaster 900rg, uncertain if it's rosewood or teak, I'm guessing it's teak, although it is rather dark so the jury is out.  I have posted a couple of photos.
Anyways, it's come with, what I think is a 5202? type turntable.  It's a 4-speed with hammered grey paint finish, which has already been farmed off for restoration as the speed dial and pitch knob were both broken.  This part of the job is going to cost me a pretty penny and rather than have the tuner done at the same time, I rather thought I'd like to have a crack at doing it myself, however, I need help and that’s why I have a few questions to ask of you :
1)     How does one remove the Beomaster 900 tuner from the cabinet?
I need to replace the dead tuning strength light bulb.  We managed to remove the Beogram 1000, which revealed the top end of the unit and from there I saw a couple of screws on the base which I undid.  This didn’t solve the problem all the same as the wood panel which divides the BM from the BG doesn’t appear to move in any case.  It looks to have been glued in at the factory and I am hesitant to do anything damage it.  What can I do here?
2)     Am I correct in believing the correct bulb for tuning is an E10, 6.3v, 0.3amp?
3)     What lamp would be required to replace the dead red ‘on’ lamp at the front of the unit, and how can I get at it?
4)     Why am I not getting a ‘Stereo’ reception when I get a strong FM radio signal?
Is this maybe because the unit fails to have the ‘optional’ FM stereo decoder fitted? I know I get stereo reception and the green light when the turntable is playing, as well as my iPod, via the Tape deck DIN.  Are the decoders easy to come across, and how does one fit them if so?
5)     How should I best restore the wood?
Cosmetically, the unit is in good order, although it does have a few nicks in places.  It is a bit grimy on the whole; as I mention above it seems a little dark for teak, but this maybe because of years of accumulated dirt.
6)     Stylus?
I believe I am correct in stating that in order to achieve the best performance, I need a NOS SP14a stylus, to replace the supplied SP6-7.  I have seen SP14s come up on eBay, but the 'connector' is of a different type.  It seems possible to unscrew the 'connector', to release the cartridge, but can I use the SP6-7 connector in place of an SP14a one and if so, will it have any effect on playback?
Any and all advice greatly received and appreciated.  Have a good Easter everyone!

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Did you ever manage to get anywhere with this? I bought one myself a while back but couldn't find any relevant info.

Mine looks to have the same turntable as yours too and I'm looking to replace the stylus and/or cartridge - Mine will only play stereo if I'm listening to the radio, but if I play a record there is only sound from the left hand speaker (if I switch to mono, it plays out of both speakers). Would be great to know what stylus you bought as a replacement and if it did the job?

Also, I was wondering how you actually remove the turntable from the unit? I've tried unscrewing the screws but they will only go so that how you removed yours?

Any help would be appreciated!



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Dillen replied on Wed, Dec 21 2016 3:59 PM

Page 31 in the servicemanual ?
Available for download for silver and gold members from the main site products section.

I can supply correct dial lamps, stereo indicator lamps and turntable belts.


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I have on of there systems too. Probably the only one in Australia?

the previous owner sanded it all back, and coincidently I got some rosewood stain today and will restore its look.. but I also need to find legs for it as they were long gone and the turntable is missing, I'll have to make the legs myself and would love to see pics of both your systems, I'll get a turntable one day but just want to get it looking perfect for my B&O room I'm building.

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