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New "computer" speakers in development?

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rgbyhkr posted on Sun, Jul 8 2012 12:44 PM

Hi all,

It seems that over the course of the last year or so, I seem to recall a few passing mentions on the forum about new speakers targeted for use with a computer in the works by B&O.  Given what we have seen from the BeoPlay line so far, I can absolutely see such a product fitting in very well there.  Of course, I'm well aware of the BL3 and BL4, but it would be interesting to see a model designed for this use that had onboard volume controls and possibly even a USB input like the BS8/BP A8 has.  

Am I imagining this or is such a solution possibly in the works?

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Paul W
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I totally agree. This market is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd say 98% of my younger friends use speakers connected to their laptops for their sound systems. I'm convinced that we will definitely see some B&O to the range! I've tried to show the BANG&OLUFSEN ones to friends, but not a single one likes the design of the BL4 and when they see the price, they walk away. BL3's are aimed at the very rich so exclude 99.9% of young buyers.

I look forward to some inspiring, funky, imagination catching designs from B&O for their laptop speakers :)  Exciting times! The B&O range is so much nicer than BANG&OLUFSEN - it makes BANG&OLUFSEN stuff look vey 1990s!

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