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Beolab Penta MK1 6603- service

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Allen14 posted on Mon, Feb 29 2016 10:53 PM


I recently purchased a pair of Beolab Penta MK1 6603s.  One works great, but the amplifier on the second one becomes exceedingly hot when in use.  After reading several other posts, the general consensus seems to be that the potentiometer needs to be replaced, along with replacing all of the caps and trimmers for good measure.  I have limited (i.e., zero) knowledge on how to perform electrical work, nor do I have the time to learn unfortunately.

Can anyone recommend a good place or person in or around New York City for service?  I did go to the last remaining B&O store here and got the name/number of their go-to service center; unfortunately, after a bit of research, I've only found very negative reviews of the company.  Anyone have better recommendations?

I appreciate any help!

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The two repair shops in NYC are Advisory and Technetron.  I wouldn't recommend either of them and send my B&O stuff to Atlantic Systems in Hanover, MA.  Even with the shipping cost, it's cheaper and they're the B&O-authorized service center for the Northeast.  Many positive posts on this forum for them.

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