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BC 3500 dismanltling

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Christian Christensen
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Christian Christensen posted on Thu, Feb 11 2016 9:50 PM

Dont get it how to get the beogram of.

The SM is missing the vital number 2, or at least I cant see it.

Anyone that knows ...Sad


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removing the top plate is simpler than that. No need to remove all those screws. Instead, follow the instructions found under the bottom plate. Once the dustcover has been removed, you can lift up, from the back, the aluminum top plate, then slide it off from the front to the back. Beware of both wires inside that powers the beogram. They haved to be screwed off for the top plate to be removed completely. All the turntable mechanics will follow. The access to this machine is probably the most simple I have encountered on all B&o's I've worked in so far...


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