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Combining Master Link Gateway (MLGW) / Beolink Gateway (BLGW) with old Master Control Link (MCL) products

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Fod posted on Tue, Feb 2 2016 7:37 PM


First of all; excuse a newbie for possible topics already discussed in detail. I have used a lot of time traversing the forums without luck, hence this question:

Previously, other users have been questioning whether the Master Link Gateway (MLGW)/Beolink Gateway (BLGW) could control legacy Master Control Link (MCL) products, but responses have been limited:

  • Keith Saunders once answered
    Keith Saunders:
    So, for older products there are real limitations [...] 
  • linder never seemed to get an answer to the question
    Can the MLGW control a Beocenter 9500?


The reason I am asking is that I have an idea of building a setup like this, as I have some of the products already:


  • Home Automation System: Schneider Electric LK IHC Control
  • 1611 converter
  • Beolab 3500 (with MCL port)
  • Beocenter 9300
  • Beovision MX 7000


something like:


  1. Is something wrong in the above picture?
    (e.g. should the 1611 converter be placed between the BC9300 and the BL3500?)
  2. Will it work at all?
    The main purpose is control the B&O equipment from the Home Automation system, not vice versa. 
  3. What can be controlled from the MCGW/BLGW?
    - Will I be able to control the TV? Turn it on/off? Change sources?
    - Will I be able to control the BC9300? Turn it on/off? Change sources? etc.
    - Will I be able to control the link room Beolab 3500? 
  4. Would anything require a BLGW instead of a MLGW?


Any feedback appreciated!


Best Regards,


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The problem becomes one of transmitting the "LIGHT" and "CONTROL" commands. Even many fairly recent ML products require a software update to enable transmitting those commands. This is the case with the older BeoLab 3500. My dealer has told me that the parts needed to update the older BeoLab 3500 are no longer available. Some people have found a workaround solution by placing a BeoLink Active in the same room as non-compatible products. Note that what we are talking about here is the ability to receive and transmit the 'LIGHT" and "CONTROL" triggers. Any product would still be able to execute the actions resulting from the triggers from macros.

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Interesting question!

Never tried it, but we have a similiar thread, where David has some problems with an MCL setup using also ML products in link room.

So, if you don`t have already installed the MCL cabling, why not use Masterlink ?

This way you can connect the MLGW and BL3500 directly to ML, the BC9300 with 1611 converter and the BV MX connected to ML via Beolink Video (1615). This would be a more "future proof" setup...


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Fod replied on Fri, Feb 5 2016 1:34 PM

So, if you don`t have already installed the MCL cabling, why not use Masterlink ?
Hi Stefan - 
Thanks for the input.

I just realised that the 1611 does not convert MCL<>ML, but rather Datalink<>ML.

This spawned a new set of questions, though... Argh.




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