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Beovision11+ Bose lifestyle 18

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I just bought a Beovision 11 46 "TV, which I would like to have connected with my Bose Lifestyle system. The problem is that the Bose is of "older" date and therefore does not have HDMI output. Previously, I had my TV connected with a component cable. My question is how I easiest and best connect my Beovision and Bose systems?. I here found that it is possible to buy an adapter so that you have the component cable at one end and HDMI in the opposite - a converter. the solution works not optimal and the inverter is relatively expensive to buy.

I hope that there are some of you who have experience or ideas on how I can connect my Beovision and Bose systems.

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butch1 replied on Tue, Jan 26 2016 7:52 PM

Congrats on the bv11-46, to be honest the sound from the TV speakers would be of a higher quality than the Bose system, which are not regarded for producing great sound.

As you have a centrepiece to the world of b&o, I would forget about the Bose and buy some beolab speakers to compliment the TV, and expand as funds permit.

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Basically I agree with butch1, but if you really want to....


There is no way to get a digital sound signal out of the BV11 (apart from using WiSA).

You would have to use the PowerLink output's - configure these as what you need and as 'Line'.

From the User Guide:



if you select LINE in the SPEAKER TYPE list, the volume will be very loud and you cannot adjust volume with your Beo4/ Beo6 remote control. You must use the product’s own remote control. LINE is used for, for example, non-Bang & Olufsen amplifiers.'



There is a tv - and there is a BV.

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