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Pentas not working..beocenter 9500 fine

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Christynorthcarolina posted on Tue, Jan 12 2016 8:46 PM

Re: Pentas no sound
By Christynorthcarolina in General Discussion & Questions


Hi well they were working fine:)

i ordered new speaker wire because problem started max volume with  barely any sound

new 8pin cables worked fine for a day

now only the left one works and is green

the right one is red and ...if unplugged the left one will not work

i did not know they are interconnected.

i found a short on the wirefrom wall socket to speaker on bottom of speaker. When i wiggle this the left goes out and the right,  although has power , reads input info and volume level but  stays red with no sound

powerlink one is set to right and link 2 is set to left

both are on highest input level

i have no tech as i am out in the rural country..i will take off bottom tonight and see if i can add electric tape to wire

or maybe see whats up!

beocenter 9500 2 pentas

thanks for any least one works!



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I have had my system since 93 with no issues..its my fav toy ever!!!

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Back to the start:


Try cabeling the Beocenter straight with one cable to the penta and one to the power outlet.

Not more cables.

Switch the Penta to "Audio" and "left" or "right"

Switch the Beocenter on, use a cd or tape:

Could you her the music?

If yes -  try the same with the other speaker.

If yes, try the balance - all left and all right - if this works go further with the iPod


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