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??? BEOLINK Multiroom function for my BV11-55, BEOSOUND9000, BEOLAB 3500 and Beomaster 7000

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danielshen posted on Tue, Jan 12 2016 8:14 AM

Dear B&O,

I need your advice about the multi-room solution for my current setup;

I have following B&O hardware:

- 1 BV11-55 TV

- 2 Beolab 8000 speakers

- 1 Beosound 9000

- 1 Beolab 3500

- 2 Wireless 1 with masterlink (currently for beosound 9000 and beolab 3500)

- 1 Beomaster 7000

- 1 Beogram 6500

- And 3 BEO4 and 1 BEOremote


What I want from the multi-room solution:

- Beolab 8000 should connect to BV11-55 TV; And BV11-55 should connect to ETHERNET (wired)

- Beosound 9000 (in the same room with TV)connect to Beolink Converter (BLC) in the ETHERNET (wired)


Q1: Can I connect my beolab 3500 (in the different room) wireless in to the ETHERNET?

Q2: How the beomaster 7000 (in the same room with TV) connect to the ETHERNET (Wired or wireless)? - The beogram 6500 is connect to Beomaster 7000?


I need your advice for answers to Q1 and Q2; Many thanks!


Many thanks!

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Q1: the BeoLab is a MasterLink device. It must be connected to the other ML devices in your setup and to the BLC.

Q2: same goes for the BM7000.

All programming of their roles/behaviour on your complete network is done in the setup screen of the BLC.


There is a tv - and there is a BV.

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