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Beaomaster 4000 switch and tuner light issue help

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Darthfrancky posted on Sun, Dec 13 2015 4:13 PM

I just recently acquired a very nice Beomaster 4000 and a pair of Beovox S45-2, both very good condition.

But I actually have 3 small things I actually need to fix to get a perfect Beomaster:

-Both speaker button doesn't engage on the lower position.

I need to force them down to get sound. I looked around the forum and didn't find any similar issue, is this something we can fix mechanically? If not, I'll have to find some to replace them.

-The 2 tuning lights seems to be out, none of them are actually indicating anything.

This could be as simple as the light bulb, but could also be anything on the board?

-Last but the least, I need to find original under panel screws, I only Have 3 of them at the moment.

That's my first B&O vintage equipment, other than the 2 problem above, the Beomaster is actually working well, but I'm surprised how aggressive the highs are with loudness but flat without it... anyways I guess I need to play around with the settings.

Waiting for my DIN to RCA cable, I can't wait to hook my turntable on it.

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