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DLNA setup question

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paolotaverna posted on Fri, Dec 11 2015 8:31 PM

Good day,


I have a beoplay A6 that  I currently run on DLNA Twonky and IMAC 2014.  I have a a few questions concerning my options.  Mainly I want to keep running hifi sound quality (so I don't want to go through airplay)

1- I would like to use Audivarna plus as a player (and its provided remote control over DLNA.  Is this feasible.  Mainly my issue is that I cannot adjust EQ when using DLNA.

2- Can I user another remote that beomusic?

3- If I cannot use audivarna, can I adjust sound eq of music (while in setup of DLNA + Audivarna).


thank you very much!

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