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Network link data storage

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sia posted on Sun, Nov 22 2015 11:39 PM

I don't know if these questions are interesting for others or not but here they are.

From the descriptions I have seen,  the new Network Link is capable of sharing certain data within the network (lets keep it strictly about the NL and leave ML outside for now), like the latest played song. What I wonder is:

1- What data is shared within the network?

2- Where is that data stored, on each individual data or is it instantly shared between all devices in the network?

3- The last played song is useful but it is of difficult to imagine that it is all there is to it, what is NL capable of otherwise?

4- I know you can use it for home automation but that can be done with any network, what you need is an app to control those devices. Are there any specific futures that makes NL stand out?


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My only experience is with one Essence mark 2 and a BLC.

The BLC (which is not really an NL device) does not seem to remember what it last connected/ transferred.

The Essence seems to:

A) do a good job of remembering its last TuneIn station, and

B) possibly my son's premium Spotify?

However I have yet to fathom its behaviour with iOS devices, and also it's behaviour with the MacMini iTunes server ....

I suspect that for some time we will be dealing with different devices and different patch levels revealing (and obscuring) different behaviours !

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sia replied on Mon, Nov 23 2015 11:58 AM

I am also happy with my Essence MKII but can't stop wondering what else would be possible using the NL. USing network to access internet and files on a NAS are in my opinion basics or what you can call "normal" while B&O usually go that extra mile and deliver the extra icing with wow factor.

One such application is the adaptability of beosound moment to what we listen to. Wouldn't it for instant be nice if B&O could intorduce an applications where we could do the same with music played by all deivces in the system? It really is a software application and I would be glad to pay or subscribe for a service if they could build in that function in beoMusic app so we could for instant use our ipads in combination with essence? 


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