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Placement of Beovox 3000 (1988) panel speakers.

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etype76 posted on Sun, Nov 1 2015 7:27 AM

Hi all,


I need a bit of advice on the placement of these. 


I am currently deciding where to mount a pair of these speakers in my living room. Basically, the room is not so conventional in shape, it's a wedge-shape with most of it windows as it's on a corner of an apartment building. The 'placement' section of the user guide doesn't really say anything other than the wall is essential to boost the bass response. My current monitor audio's use the same bass reflex technique. The internal wall (which has the TV) has been ruled out by my wife. I'll try and make a question...


Do these speakers use a wide area of the wall to achieve bass response or just the surface of the wall that the speaker covers? I ask this because I could mount them where the current speakers are now (on stands), which would be below the window sill at roughly waist level. That position is also easiest for running speaker cable as it only has to travel the length of the room and a bit. 





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Jeff replied on Sun, Nov 1 2015 4:44 PM

They are designed to use the wide area of an entire wall to boost bass response. If you place any speaker flat up against the wall it will boost bass response, which is why modern B&O active speakers made today all have a switch to select from wall, corner, or free standing positioning to tailor the bass response properly. In the design of the BV/BL 3000/4500/5000 the wall was part of the original design, the bass response of these speakers was designed with wall mounting in mind. Only other option would be to stand mount them and get a subwoofer, but I would expect the bass response to start falling off pretty high in freq without a wall mounting.


I'm afraid I'm recovering from the BeoVirus. Sad

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I would not recomment any stand mounting (of these) at all.

I once - years or rather decades the previous century ;-) - experimented with using a BS9000 stand for them.

And failed ;-(

The sound was 'thin' - and besides it was rather dangerous having these (the 5000's) standing free in the room.

Find a good piece of wall with 'room' around them. If you walk around in the room, be sure not to place them to low.

I've had several pairs of these wall speakers. So nice as they are and good sounding (especially the 5000's), they can be very dominating in the room, when you want the best placement soundwise.

Nowadys I only use one pair (the 5000's), which probably - because of low WAF - will need a successor....maybe the BL8000, which are much easier to place in any room.


There is a tv - and there is a BV.

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