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BS3200 Hard Drive

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mfirst posted on Mon, Oct 19 2015 2:08 AM

I know this might be an old topic - but I have been using my BS3200 more and more and worry about the hard drive failing....granted it is old technology - which is concerning as I am afraid that if (when?) the drive fails then replacement is a problem......i have searched for solutions, but have not found anything other than spending a lot of money and sending the unit back to B&O...... anyone replace their own HDD...dare I ask about a SSD?






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Søren Hammer
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The Beosound 3200 hard drive is likely just an ordinary 2.5" PATA drive, used often for laptops at the time. It can be a bit difficult to source a new drive, but new old stock should be easy; the issue is that we don't know how the drive is formatted and any possible software contained in the disk. These things becomes clear if mounted to a computer (A Linux partition is only recognizable on a Linux distribution though.)

You can't use a modern SSD with the Beosound as they use a different interface, called SATA. The reliability of modern HDD's is very good and should last a long time, they tolerate huge amounts of reads and writes.

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TWG replied on Mon, Oct 19 2015 11:07 AM

easiest and safest way would be to clone the drive.

There are docking stations availabe that can clone harddrives with the push of a button. This way you can make a complete backup of the original drive without the need to know how it is formatted or what's on it. like this:


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