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Beolab Penta's or Beoplay S8's

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flyespresso posted on Sun, Oct 18 2015 1:40 AM

I expect to get some opinionated responses with this question...


I have (though in another state, and would have to find a way to get them from Arizona to Washington) a set of very well maintained Beolab Pentas.  Sadly, I had to bypass the amp's, one was starting to sound very funny at times. I've always dreamed of getting the Amps replaced/refurbed...


Thus my question:

  1. To get new/refurb the amps, how much do you expect this to be? Can I still get replacement speaker units for it?
  2. Should I just get Beoplay S8's (which I do like the audio signature).


At the end of the day either will end up in Seattle in my condo with 14'  concrete ceilings... I'm a stereo fanatic and have no intentions of ever expanding from 2.1 at most. Normally I just listen to streamed music, podcasts, records, and some TV.



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Jeff replied on Sun, Oct 18 2015 1:45 AM

Depends on how much you like the S8s. On a preference level, it depends on your ears, on a more absolute, measured performance level the Pentas stomp the S8s. There's no way a tiny "full range" driver coupled with a woofer can equal the musical ability of the Penta. And, the Pentas arrangement of drivers reduces the effects of ceiling and floor reflections. As for the amps, there are people who can repair them, ditto the rest of them, drivers, etc. can be repaired and refreshed.

My take would be to use the Pentas, but your mileage may vary of course!


I'm afraid I'm recovering from the BeoVirus. Sad

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Yeah I think I may have to figure out how to get the Pentas up here regardless. It'll be ungodly to ship them though.


Can you recommend anyone for the amp repair? I can't find anyone exactly to do that–seems to be a lot of people EU based rather than US based (I mean, worst case I could see if it's realistic to ship). Seattle would be even better...!


I liked the S8's simply because I could theoretically have nothing on the wall except for them, the TV, and then the sub below. Would look really sick. Pinta's would continue the imposing audio aspect but man, I do miss them :P



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___ replied on Sun, Oct 18 2015 8:19 AM

I did not like the sound of the S8. The Pentas have much better sound.

I run my Pentas with an ICEpower 250ASX2. The 50ASX2 is not powerfullenough for sound volume and bass. The 125ASX2 should be able to drive them with no problems. That module is pretty much plug and play, you just need a casing for it.

They don´t cost to much, and I think it is easier to use the ICEpower modules than to start repairing a 25 year old amplifier.

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I have a pair of pentas and the S8. The pentas for music in my garage and the s8's connected to my tv with an Apple TV to stream my music. Although I love my pentas I find myself using the s8's more and more as they have such a clear sound. The pentas for me are very bass heavy and lack treble, I usually have to add some more treble via the beocenter it's connected to. The s8 is a very capeable system compared to the penta.s that would be a tough decision. The s8 is great value especially when compared to the 14. I was sceptical when I found out the s8's satellites only have one driver (compared to the pentas many woofers, mids, treble drivers) but they do a very good job paired with the tight bass of the s8's sub 

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