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BeoCentre 3500 Pick-up arm downstroke error

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davehiskett posted on Thu, Oct 15 2015 9:32 PM


I recently picked up a really good example of a white BeoCentre 3500 from a local charity shop for just a few pounds, and after re-foaming the woofer surrounds on the pair of 3702's that came with it, I now have a great sounding unit... with one niggle:

The pick-up arm doesn't quite sit straight when at rest - it's approx 6mm to the right of the LED it should be pointing at - and misses the edge of records by the same amount when auto cueing. I nearly lost the stylus the first time I used it, but realised and caught the arm just before it hit the deck!

I purchased a service manual on eBay from the USA, which describes how to alter the downstroke by adjusting two eccentric washers through service holes in the lower part of the turntable.

The problem is: my lower turntable doesn't have these holes and it doesn't just lift off to allow access either. It's firmly fixed in place and I can't figure out how to remove it. I can tantalisingly just about see the eccentric adjusters through some small holes that ARE in the turntable, but despite several efforts, can't quite get a screwdriver at them - and the service manual offers no other method...

My question then is: How do I remove the lower part of the turntable to make the adjustments? Or is there any obvious way to make adjustments without taking the whole unit apart?

It's only a matter of time before the other half puts an LP on the turntable, pushes auto cue and walks away...

Many thanks in advance for any advice.


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boreades replied on Mon, Oct 19 2015 12:25 PM

Hello Dave, the only way to have access to these washers is to remove the main aluminium assembly with the turntable. When you remove some screws at the back of the unit you can lift the turntable. The front is held in place with metallic tongues (so slide the assembly backwards) and don't forget to unscrew the power cord of the motor if you want to work comfortably, the assembly is heavy and the edges are sharp.


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