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Connecting Bang & Olufsen to a Sonos Connect

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dasun posted on Sun, Oct 11 2015 11:08 AM

Hi all,

I know it is possible to connect a Sonos connect to Bang & Olufsen and play Sonos music through B&O devices, but is it possible to use it the other way around as well? I mean, can I output B&O music to a Sonos connect (e.g. TV-sound)? I have severeal B&O devices by now (Beosystem 4, Transmitter, Beoplay v1, Beovision 11), but I don't see a possibility to output the sound to an external device (e.g. through digital out). Are there by any chance special cables for that?

Thanks for any info! 

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Hi dasun,

no B&O (tv) device has a digital-out.

However, you can use a PowerLink output to connect to your Sonos (RCA-in).

In the speaker menu you would have to configure one of the PL ports as 'line-out'.

Then make a speaker group with this output only.

If you like, you can assign the sources (of the tv) to this speakers output in order to have it automatically choosen by activating that source. The control of the volumen will have to be done on the Sonos Connect.

Probably not a good idea as a substitute for the built-in or connected B&O speakers, but very handy, if you want sound from the tv/sources of the tv in a nearby room e.g. a kitchen.
What were your plans for using the Sonos?

There is a tv - and there is a BV.

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dasun replied on Sun, Oct 11 2015 11:34 AM

Thanks for your answer! Basically, I'm just looking for a simple and affordable multiroom capability. At this point I have a Beosystem 4 with Beolab 20s connected wirelessly in the living room, a Beovision 11 in the kitchen and a Beoplay v1 in the bedroom. 

I want to add additional speakers in two bathrooms and to the entrance area, and Sonos just seems to be the best solution for that. The new A6 would be overkill for this, the S3 would be perfect, but only supports bluetooth, so that doesn't work.

My goal would be to start one source and have all other sources play the same music simultaneously. At this point I only see something like the Sonos connect as the best solution, but maybe I'm overseeing something?

Thanks again!

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ed7 replied on Sun, Oct 11 2015 1:58 PM

I have sonos  speakers they are  very good speakers but they are limited  somehow you can not stream you tube  through their app(very frustrating) also they do not currently support apple music but i believe will be available  later !!

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Luke replied on Mon, Oct 12 2015 9:49 AM

I tried the Sonos route and my intention was to combine a few Sonos speakers that I had (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining room, etc) with the living room where I have BV 11 + Beolab 18/19.

I connected the living room speakers through a Transmitter 1 and used opt-out from that device to the Sonos connect. BL 18/19 was connected via PL to the BV 11 and from Transmitter 1 they connected over Wisa to the BL18/19. The problem with this setup was however that it was not possible to utilize the 5.1 like it is ment to be (nor playing normal stereo). comparing this setup with connecting BV11 directly to the BL18/19 via the built in BV11 wisa module was a TOTALLY different experience. Wow! So, when discovering this I instead connected the Sonos connect to the BV11 Digital Coax. This however resulted in sound delays of 1-2 secs between the room which was totally unacceptable and a deal breaker. It is as you might know not possible to deal with the sound delay in a good manner through either the sonos software nor the B&O.

To summarize.. I tried number of things to get this to work, but came to the conclusion that there is no good way of getting multiroom combining sonos and B&O gear.

I solved this by getting rid of all my Sonos speakers and investing in B&O multiroom instead. Purchased the Moment and some BV17 and WOW it really works like a charm and haven't looked back since. The sound experience throughout my home is now on a totally different level and I'm listening to music all the time being home which I didn'b before with my Sonos setup. Sonos of course have it's advantages, but none of which I'm interested in (or need).

Maybe this does not exactly illustrate your needs, but wanted to share some experience I had with trying to combine these two brands.


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