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BeoMaster 4000 - need diagnostic help

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KineticsPHD posted on Wed, Oct 7 2015 12:16 AM

Hello all. I am a new member here and I would love some help getting started with the restoration of a non-functioning BeoMaster 4000. I don't know anything about this amps history accept that it blew a main fuse and then its previous owner boxed it. It is in nice shape cosmetically. It has definitely been opened up a few times as the cover screws are worn. I am not an expert in the field of audio technology but I am somewhat knowledgable. I am setting up a "bench" because I am going to be restoring more than just this unit. This BeoMaster 4000 does not power up. When plugged in the lights do not illuminate. There is a soft chirping sound which comes from the transformer when the unit is plugged in. The chirping is heard at 4 second intervals and is accompanied by a little bounce in the signal strength indicator. Also my work light which shares the plug strip with the amp. blinks with each chirp. This happens for about 90 seconds, then the main fuse blows. I will be getting more equipment soon but currently have only a simple analog  tester and a bulb tester. I would  like to get this amp to power up but don't want to do any damage. I know a dim bulb device would be a good safety measure but what about the chirping and the non illumination. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks folks…Graham  at (KineticsPHD).

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