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Beocenter 9000 CD skips - but only with certain discs?

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Carlos09 posted on Sun, Oct 4 2015 9:33 AM

Hello all...

I wonder if anyone can help point me in the right direction. I have a circa 1989 Beocenter 9000. It is working great and still sounds perfect. However, there are a small selection of CDs that skip, not always in the same place, and with varying frequency. These skipping discs are not damaged at all, some are new, and all play ok in other machines.

My question is twofold.... 1) Are there any typical causes for this? 2) I live in North East England, are there any reputable service agents in my area that would still have the expertise to service/ repair these machines?

Any advice would be greatly welcomed.


Thanks in advance.

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Barry Santini
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Hi Carlos and welcome to beoworld.

It sounds like the CD mech is struggling to track some CDs reliably. The laser / lens moves from the centre to the outer edge of the CD as it plays, but also moves closer to / further away from the disc in order to properly focus on what it is reading. Either of these movements can become less precise with age - either due to wear or dust and dirt in the mechanical movements or deterioration of the electrical components involved in this process. Due to manufacturing differences, some CDs are just inherently more difficult for the player to track than others which is why are you likely to see this problem more with certain discs.

Sometimes the CD mechanisms can be repaired, and sometimes it's easier just to replace the entire module, but either way a good service centre should have no difficulty in doing either.

I don't have any experience with service centres in your area but hopefully others here might be able to make a recommendation.

Kind Regards,



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