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beolab 3500 with wireless 1 ML link: CD-128

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danielshen posted on Tue, Sep 29 2015 10:39 AM

Dear Beoworld,

I use wireless 1 master link to connect my beolab 3500 speaker; Other side is ML with beosound 9000;

When I play CD via BEO4 to beolab 3500, the screen just display: CD-128 1 for track 1; That is very confusing; Because when the track is 10, due to the length, it only show: CD-128;

If I just use ML to connect 3500 and beosound 9000 directly, everything is fine; beolab 3500 will display: CD3 5 - that means playing 3rd CD with track no: 5;

Anybody know how to fix that in wireless case;

And by the way, how can I check the wireless1' s updated software version?

many thanks!


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Hi Daniel,

I've seen this too with my old BL3500 speaker, I do not have Beolink Wireless but its connected via cable. Turning the power off to the speaker resolved the issue but it occasionally returns, how often do you witness the issue.

My dealer had never heard of the problem when I asked him.


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Been there and still there, finally gave up.

setup consists of beosound 5 and several link tv tv and bl passiv, activs and currently one BL3500 (latest sw i think) and probably a second real soon (previous sw version 3.1).

Setup was installed in 2011/2012.  And from the beginning cd gave cd-128. Mentioned it the dealer and to b&o. They said it was coming from the bs5 (which now reading your post is NOT the case) and they even mentioned it on software changes of the bs5 to solve this issue. But in the end of the day, it didn't change/solve anything.

B&O definetly knows of it, but  it is not something of their concern, sadly.

if you know a solution, let us know


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