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Beocenter 9000 repair & DVD1 region mod

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northlabs posted on Wed, Sep 9 2015 1:02 PM

I got such great responses on my Beogram thread that I would like to test the waters with more inquiries about broken stuff. :) I’m feeling a bit lost so I’m looking for both repair tips as well as replacement pcb’s.

Beocenter 9000


The cd spins up quick, then comes to a stop and the door opens. I’ve used Dillens cap kit which didn’t solve it. The big 4700uf cap on the controller board was completely loose but measured ok with esr meter. All connections, voltage regulators and caps have been resoldered. Nothing. 

I’ve consulted Dillen about this and he guessed it could be a focus problem which I can’t try to fix before getting a service manual (€20 on ebay). If anyone has a complete CD unit for sale I would be interested in trying that as well. 


There is a loud pop in the speakers when connecting the unit to the mains. Also if I close the mains before going to standby. Sometimes out of the blue the unit also powers itself down, which it didn’t do before I started to dig around in there. ;)


The coin cell battery was of course dead. But changing it to a 2032 got it to start acting up in a weird way - killing the right channel and when trying to set balance all lights just flash while the tape door motor activates. Removing the new battery solved it but brought other problems with it. The unit now powers on with full volume and treble. A pop in the speakers can be heard when returning the treble to zero. I would be interested in buying a processor board as well to see if something went wrong there. 


AUX is extremely low compared to other sources. Is this by design?


DVDs works fine but audio CDs stutters, is this fixable?

I would also like to make it region free but this seems to be guarded occult knowledge even today, which seems a bit silly considering the age of the unit. I've read about a danish company producing daughter boards in the past and I've also found which sells kits for insane money. Does anyone here know how to do this mod? I would be willing to pay at least a symbolic sum for the code and instructions but I'm open for discussion.

All input is extremely welcome!

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Your CD problem is likely to be a fault on the CD interface board (not the servo board). I have never managed to diagnose to component level but a replacement board from a known working but cosmetically challenged model has always cured the fault.

Be aware that Beocenter 9000 had 14 bit and 16 bit CD systems and you must source the correct replacement board.

Regards Graham

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Thanks for that information! Is there some way to visually differentiate between the different models? I just picked up another unit for parts and comparison and the first thing I noticed was that it is white on the sides while my previous unit is dark aluminium. Is that an indicator perhaps?

EDIT: The new unit seems to work but doesn't have the CD holder, is it possible to remove the original from my old unit without damaging it?

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Did you ever get to the bottom of the issue with the battery? (balance full left, cassette door ajar etc)?

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