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Thinking of parting out Beocenter 9000 & 9500

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Zottenhond posted on Mon, Jun 18 2012 4:38 PM

Somehow I have ended up with two Beocenter 9000's and a 9500 in various conditions.

Since I only use one 9000 as a glorified clock radio, I'm thinking of parting out the other two, as currently they're only taking up space and it would be a shame to just stash them in the attic or throw them out.

The CD and tape mechs from the 9500 are already removed (both had problems), but the radio/amp sections were still ok at the time of disconnection a few months ago. The 9000 is complete, but the CD is on the way out (very picky reading discs) and a corner of the frame has broken off (the part around the headphone jack).

Would there be any interest in parts of these (boards, panels, whatever I can bolt off)? I wouldn't ask much for them and I'm willing to ship to anywhere in the EU.


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chartz replied on Mon, Jun 18 2012 6:34 PM


I'd take a fair looking 9000, even with broken CD player. That would be a nice project!


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Wil je volledig van je beocenter 9500 vanaf ?


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