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BeoPort / Win 7 / Masterlink-Bugs

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JOV posted on Mon, Jun 18 2012 1:01 PM

Hello, I've some questions concerning BeoPort / Win 7 -64bit / Masterlink.

My config is Beosound 9000 MK II --> Masterlink --> Beoport with Beolab 4000 --> USP --> PC with Win 7 (64bit).

This config worked perfect for many years, with all Software Updates, on different PCs.
Means: CD/RADIO/NMUSIC was available on PC and on BS 9000.

Some weeks ago Beoplayer-SW started to have malfunctions. As always: same system, no changes in config).

F. e. after booting Windows, speaker were turned on and after 2 seconds off. After restarting Beoplayer 1 or 2 times, the speaker went on. Or if Win goes into Sleep mode, the speakers went on. After waking up, they went off, or Beoplayer doesn't work anymore... Finally: no chance to connect to the Beosound 9000 (both ways).

I reinstalled Beoplayer, I cleaned registry from B&O-entries, I deletes all USB devices and drivers, etc. pp. I tested different modes on Beoport (6) and BS (0, 1, 2). After installing Beoplayer again: same problems. It works (not very stable, but works) on PC (NMUSIC, NRADIO, PC, PC CD), but no connection to BS 9000.

My questions:

Is there any chance to check, which part of the system makes trouble (Beoport-Box / BS 9000 / Win 7)?
Is there something like a service mode displaying connected ML sources on BS9000? Same for BP-box?
Is this a known bug in some configurations?

If not I would have to check the system with an old PC first. Then trying an other cable, etc. pp.


Thanks for your help


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