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BeoLab 14 Orange blinking Light

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Anu posted on Sun, Aug 2 2015 5:26 AM

Last week I bought Beolab 14 and I started using it with my Marantz SR7009. I am connecting the Marantz to BL14 through the speaker connections. Everything seems to be working fine and then yesterday the BL14 would not come on and the Orange indicator light kept blinking. I red somewhere that this could be that the unit is overheating or there is a short in the cables. So turned the unit off and on, removed all the cables from Marantz and reconnected, still the orange blinking light.

I unhooked the power for the night and this morning removed all cables from Marantz expect for one channel and restarted BL14 it worked! then I started connecting the remaining cables but the yellow light came back on. I removed all the cables tried again with only one channel connected, but no luck only orange blinking light.

I did a continuity test on the cable and it seems to be ok, no shorts. 

Not sure what is going on? Any thoughts anyone?

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I've experienced a similar issue and it was due to poor quality interconnecting cables from the processor to the BeoLab 14 subwoofer. It was a shielding issue. Once we swapped out the cables with a fully shielded PowerLink cable with a RJ45 to RCA phono it cured the problem.
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