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I don't understand listings like this.

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beaker Posted: Sun, Jul 5 2015 10:57 AM
Looking at eBay and came across this listing.

Surely no one will buy these speakers at this price so what's the point of listing them.
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Ben_S replied on Sun, Jul 5 2015 11:09 AM

Saw that earlier on, absolutely ridiculous price. 

Just trying their luck I guess!


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9 LEE replied on Sun, Jul 5 2015 11:15 AM

Just looking at his "other items" he seems to price things at just above market value - or totally stratospheric.. 

Sometimes, when you have something very rare, you can try and price high to start out - then reduce if it doesn't sell.  However, his crazy-insane items are neither very rare or extremely desirable.

£599.95 for a BeoGram CDX ??

£549.95 for some U70 Headphones ??

£549.95 for an MMC20CL Cartridge ??

£75.95 for a rabbit ear antennae ??

If someone is dumb enough to pay that, good luck to the guy....


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Steffen replied on Sun, Jul 5 2015 12:35 PM

I've seen that before....
Can't remember if it was the same person. I wrote to him asking if he was serious about the price. He just answered: "Well - it attracts attention...The views are going through the roof... And if someone wants to pay the price, then..."

No need to add, that noone wanted to pay the price...

Sure it attracts attention, as we are writing about it now. But is that positive..? Hmm - someone once said "Bad publicity is better than none..."  Must be this Guys motto.

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h1npw replied on Sun, Jul 5 2015 12:36 PM

He's selling a couple of other CDXs for 279 & 299 in equally good conition. Obviously the DIN plug is worth £300....

Anders Jørgensen
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How easy is it to hang these without the special B&O kit that allows this??

He is properly not aware of such a kit. 

But 3 watchers is a start. I think I can do my pair of s45 for less including a wall hanging kit NOS.


Professor David A Flynn JP
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Lee - I cannot believe the prices that this person is asking.  Even through retail outlets you are not paying these prices. 



Professor David A Flynn JP LM

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Rob - Danish AV
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He has sold a few items at those high prices, look at his completed listings...

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Andrew replied on Mon, Oct 12 2015 4:01 PM

I think his strategy is to ask for really high prices to start with pretend they've sold and make the market price appear to go up - in actual fact no one would buy at that price - the bit about raising money to raise his child by selling B&O as a sideline is a joke, i think he also stated somewhere that he is an ex B&O engineer so you can buy with confidence.... these are the type of people that see there is interest and jump on the bandwagon and spoil it for us normal people by making everyone think they should charge absurd prices. Turntables seem especially prone to over the top prices - fine if it has been restored or thoroughly tested and serviced, but most of the time they have picked thing up for next to nothing and ask a fortune for it.

A bit like selling a house, it's only worth what someones prepared to pay, but trying to force the market doesn't really work and in a weird way is actually good for the reputable guys as it makes their prices look more realistic

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