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Jacob Jensen past away.

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Beofan2 posted on Sat, May 16 2015 11:05 AM

Bang &  olufsen designer Jacob Jensen is dead, 89 years old. 

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Søren Hammer
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What a shame. Glad that I managed to talk to him a couple of years ago, he was a true gentleman.

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Thank you for your great work Mr Jensen. Rest In Peace.
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He lives on in my Bang & Olufsen collection. I am grateful for all of his beautiful designs.


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Very sad news

Article in Jyllands-Posten .

A great loss to us, the world and most of all his family.

The numbers in the article point to his contribution to B&O and us; his representation at MOMA point to his contribution to the world of design.

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Don't find the words

very sad news

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Sal replied on Sat, May 16 2015 9:47 PM

Sad news. Picked up my copy of From Spark to Icon and flipped through his great designs.

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Dennis replied on Sun, May 17 2015 7:34 PM

I saw a documentary a couple of months ago about Jacob Jensen. I recorded the documentary and just watched it again, so the following is a pretty precise reproduction of what he among other things talked about. Hearing what he has been through gives food for thought and makes me respect even more what he has achieved. He told that his father has never praised him for anything, never been proud on behalf of him and never expressed his love for him. His sister Ina on the other hand was adored by their father, but a simply argument between the sister and the father ended in a tragedy. His sister claimed to have found 10 DKK, but their father claimed, that she had taken the 10 DKK from him. The father ended up beating her with a stick while Jacob and his mother were watching. As Jacob tried to escape, his father chased him and took him back to the room and said, that he should stay there and observe. He didn't stop to beat her until she was more or less unconscious. The mother threw herself over the sister but the father kicked her away. The sister died during the night at the hospital. In the description of the cause for her injuries it stated, that she had fallen down the stairs. After that the father never laid hands on Jacob again. 

In the same documentary Jacob told, that he didn't have contact to his son Timothy anymore. Jacob said it was as if they were talking two different languages. As far as I could tell from the documentary, it was Timothy who didn't want to have contact. Timothy once said in an interview, that it was very difficult to get out of his fathers shadow.

I regret so much that I didn't talk to him on the same occasion as Søren when I had the chance to. I'm sure it would have been and interesting and rewarding conversation. I had also seen very much forward to the lecture by Jacob Jensen in Struer Museum back in October, but Struer Museum failed to write on their webpage that you had to order tickets, and since there was no room for more people I couldn't participate. But I'm surrounded by many of the beautiful products he designed through the years, and I enjoy to look at them everyday and will continue to do so. And knowing some of Jacob Jensens history makes me appreciate them even more. 

I hope Jacob and his loved ones got to say goodbye to each other. May he rest in peace. 


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Steffen replied on Sun, May 17 2015 10:06 PM

Very well written, Dennis.

I was thinking, that I would write a few Words about the documentary. But you pretty much summed it all up.
So sad that Jacob and his son didn't talk to each other in recent years. I remember the journalist asking him: "Should we walk over to visit Timothy..?"
And his response was "No - he doesn't want to see me and my wife..."
I hope that they at least met before he died.

On of the great designers of the 20'th Century has passed away. But I will enjoy looking at his beautiful design every day.


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