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Poor sound on beolab 6000's

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silversmith posted on Mon, Jun 4 2012 10:21 PM

Hi All,

Just bought a pair of beolab 6000's and and ouverture. I know the foams need replacing which is fine but sound at low volumes doesn't seem to have much musicality. 

My questions is will the poor quality speaker foams have such an impact on the sound? Or is it something else?

They will play at louder levels. Is is worth replacing the speaker foams or should I get a refund? The seller is local to me so this wouldn't be a problem

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The tweeters may be blown as well.

I hope they were cheap!!

I don't recomend foam surrounds on the woofers as they will sound dull when compared to the original thin rubber.

Regards Graham

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Ronnie replied on Tue, Jun 5 2012 11:57 AM

How much did you pay?

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The price was really good so I've decided to have a go at repairing them. I pretty handy at this kind of thing so it doesn't faze me. I have identified that one of the tweeters doesn't work so I'll replace that.

My initial concern was that they had never sounded as good as my Avant TV does, but with the help of the seller I am confident they just need some work to get them good again.

I'll report back my findings. The conclusion I've reached is that the speakers work (except 1 tweeter) so it must be the rubbers that are affecting the sound so much. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


Michael Sean
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I just posted the following reply to another BeoWorld member concerning my experience repairing my Beolab 6000's. I hope it helps:

I purchased a pair of BeoLab 6000's a few years ago that had bad rubber surrounds on all four woofers. I could hear it immediately upon setting them up. However, I found that one has to look very closely to actually see the separations in the rubber surrounds. I actually didn't notice it when first visually inspecting them.

I decided to replace them all myself with new drivers from B&O. Being in the northeast of the USA, I made my purchase from Atlantic Systems in Hanover, Massachusetts. Paul and Mark are the two B&O "experts" at Atlantic and always guide me well whenever I am in need of parts. They are also very generous in sharing their expansive knowledge with me when needed - no purchase necessary.

Paul advised wisely that I also purchase the foam baffle kit and the foam tape along with the drivers. That was great advice as I found the baffles to be completely disintegrated once I got in there. So broken down were they, that I actually had to vacuum the interior to clean them thoroughly. The new baffles appeared to have been manufactured from a different foam and will hopefully have a longer service life then the originals. I actually didn't purchase the foam tape from B&O assuming that I could find it locally in a hardware store (and save some money). I came to regret that as I found that most of the home insulation type foam tapes are of too high a density and put too much "push-back" pressure on the driver assemblies when screwing them down. I finally did locate a low density tape after a lengthy search. If I did it again, I'd just purchase the B&O manufactured tape and be done with it.

The job is not that difficult if you have the proper tools and materials. There was no BeoLab 6000 service manual available at that time here on BeoWorld but I believe that there is now. I did a perfect job without it though as it is actually pretty straight forward.

The cost of the complete kit with the four driver assemblies and new foam baffles came in at somewhere around $360.00 including tax and shipping to my home and was well worth it.

I've noticed that one can also purchase new rubber surrounds on eBay allowing one to repair the bad drivers yourself. But I decided to go with new especially considering that the BeoLab 6000's sell for $3,700.00 new here in the states. At 10% of the new cost for essentially all new speakers, I considered it to be a very good deal.

Once completed, they sounded absolutely beautiful. (A world apart from how they sounded when damaged.)

I have since sold that pair of 6000's and went on to purchase a pair of secondhand BeoLab 3's. One of those recently went out on me (bad transformer) and will require an entirely new circuit board assembly as an exchange. Ouch, as this will cost me close to $400.00 WITH the exchange. Without the exchange, the chassis (as it is called) costs somewhere around $1,200.00. Since I don't have that kind of cash right now, I have hooked up my BeoLab 2500's to which I executed beoworld guru 'Die Bogener's - Workshop Beolab 2500 Adiophil' mod requiring new opamps (3 - OPA2134), new caps & jumpers (2 each) and selective SMC cap removal (3). My BL2500's now sound as good as BL 4000's after this modification.  The difference is amazing actually.

Good luck and should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.



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I have replaced many speaker foams not just on B&O speakers. I use a company in the Netherlands that supply a full set plus the glue for the correct speakers. My question is that my Beolab 6000 have distortion in the RHS speaker. Test the driver speakers in the left speaker and they are fine. Also swapped the left and right speakers over on my BeoCenter 9500 and the distortion was on the same speaker. So I am looking at the PCB it seems there is a fault with that part. As any body worked on this PCB? Your help would be appreciated.

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