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Beo 4 - BC6 - BS9000 Aux setup

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Lars posted on Thu, May 31 2012 9:00 PM

Dear all, 

I am wondering if the following is possible and if it is how I can install it properly. 

I am using a BC6 ( BV6 ) in a Masterlink setup with my BS 9000 ( BC2 is DVD only, not installed into the Masterlink ) Now I have installed a Apple Airport Express to the line in of the BS 9000. As I have already installed an Apple TV to the TV which I control via V-Mem on the BEO 4 I do not know how to get to the AUX of the BeoSound 9000 without switching to CD and then manually pushing the button AUX on my BeoSound 9000. 

The BC6 is kind of the master of my installation even if I rarely using it. 


BS9000, BC6, BC2, BL3, BL11, BL3500, BL2000, BeoTime, Beo EarSet2 3i, Beo, BEO DropStop, BEO Bottle Opener, BeoCom5 including Table Stand, ATV

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Have you tried pushing A.MEM (or A tape depending on which model of the BEO4 you have)? 

Or if it has to be a link AUX command you can add it to the list of commands in the BEO4

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