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Beogram RX2 Audio Cable and RCA Jacks

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rahsaan posted on Mon, Feb 16 2015 11:27 PM

Has anyone had success in swapping out the stock audio cables on the Beogram RX2 (or other model) with higher quality connections? I had to replace the RCA jacks on mine because of an annoying hum. They work fine now (no hum) but the cabling seemed to be pretty flimsy and I was thinking of replacing the audio cable.

Would you suggest doing this to improve the sound quality or is it not worth it? If it is worth doing, is it something that is pretty easy to accomplish as a DIYer or would you suggest professional audio repair?


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Peter Gabriel
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It is doable, but you would have to pay attention to the capacitance of the replacement cable, and get one close to the original one, to avoid it getting either brighter or darker sounding. Does anyone know what the capacitance is of the original cables? They do not exactly look premium, but on the other hand I have never had issues where I felt they were the culprit if a record sounded bad. My RX2 sounds great with an MMC2 attached despite the cheap looking standard cables and plugs.

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I changed in my 1800 (5213). I put phono cable with GND line and quality RCA jacks. Now hum... what hum ?? Smile

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