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Beoworld on Spotify

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As one of the die-hard readers/writers on rhe forum I can only say, that you are doing an excellent job.....thank you very much!


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laseralex replied on Fri, May 22 2020 7:19 PM

9 LEE:
We really do try our best, and it's really disappointing to hear that a member is unhappy.

What prompted my comment was the last post before mine: a newish member (JackHughes) with only 4 posts, each one promoting the same music converter tool.  It's obviously SPAM, but the point of my comment was that he brought a really great thread to the top of the forums and I got a fun music playlist out of it.  

My comment of frustration was directed at the posters of the spam, not the people who have to clean it up.  I expect that it is a large job to manage the spam, and I appreciate all that you do to keep it down.

I appreciate this forum, and really enjoy the lovely little world you have created here for us.  I sincerely apology for upsetting you, Lee.  


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