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BEOLINK 7000 issue with youtube video

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david freeburn
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brisbane. Australia
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david freeburn posted on Thu, Jan 15 2015 12:32 AM


      I am having issues with my beolink 7000 remote. SadI purchased it from ebay and the site showed it working perfectly.


please see video:




changed recharge battery pack to:

checked for charge and polarity.. all good....RED WIRE (L)  BLACK WIRE (N)


changed lithium battery on the circuit board to:Idea


checked voltage and continuity..seems all good


ISSUES WITH DEVICE:Broken HeartBig SmileBig Smile


. no blue screen. yet if i look at an angle i can faintly see the writing and can touch and activate the buttons.


. wont maintain charge...when i take it off the cradle it just completely shuts down


Your possible assistance would be greatly appreciated...Big SmileBig SmileStick out tongue






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Dave Farr
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Hi David and welcome to Beoworld.

These can be fragile and shipping doesn't do them any favours.  If you search the Forum for Beolink 7000, you will get lots of info.  However, this thread may contain your answer and remedy at least a part of the problem:

Replacement capacitors helps a lot with several issues, including 2-way contact issues.  The screen in this thread had similar problems to yours and was successfully fixed.

Good luck,


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Weebyx replied on Thu, Jan 15 2015 10:46 AM


Try to open the charger unit, there is a resistor of 220k between pin 2 and 3, I have found that they actually sometimes break in half, what is the voltage on the charger unit on pins 1 and 2 ?

The backlight can be changed, see the other thread mentioned, however !! It could be a problem with a transistor on the supply board(under the mirror), I had a unit with this problem..

See :



david freeburn
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brisbane. Australia
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hi guys, thank you for a hardy response...what seemed like a simple enough purchase has definitely turned into  a project of sorts...


I also believe the beolink 7000 is the most amazing remote ive seen. not just for it functionality of course.


My electrical skills are unfortunately limited but with due study i should be able to change the back light and fear is i would need more eqipment to test for faults other than a simple multi-meter?


In regards to charging, i guess it must be receiving electricity to the unit as it wouldnt turn on otherwise?and it does when on the charger base...




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