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Big Thank You to Beolover (Rudy)

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DavidNYC posted on Fri, Jan 9 2015 1:54 AM

Just a quick thank you and review of the 3D Printed transport lock bushings and cabinet guiding washers sold by Beolover. I purchased these parts for my Beogram 4002 after seeing his video and discussion of how they were made on this site and his web site. After a few email exchanges he shipped them to me but they sat in the box for two reasons. First I was a bit apprehensive about taking on the task even though it looked easy in his video and second I was enjoying a wonderful vacation in Tulum, Mexico.

Tonight, I decided to put everything aside and get to work! I installed the first transport lock bushing in about 5 minutes.That was the same one shown in the video. It installed nice and easy with nothing unexpected. The bushings fit perfectly and the video showed perfectly what needed to be done. I next installed the transport lock bushing up front but that took longer because I needed to move the circuit board aside to gain access and install the parts. The third transport lock bushing on the right hand side was the hardest for me to install. I needed to remove the suspension spring to be able to install the bushing and it was a little more difficult to find a way to put the parts in place. Overall, a little more patience is needed for this last two installations. Total time for all three installations was about 45 minutes.

With all the transport lock bushings in place I next installed the cabinet guide washers. They all went in perfectly and now the frame moves in and out nice and smoothly.

Proud of my work and accomplishments I sat back, admired the innards of my 4002 and enjoyed a lovely Tequila I purchased in Playa Del Carmen called Cava De Oro (extra Anejo).

I was very pleased with how all the 3D printed parts fit and how easy they were to install with just a little patients. I am so please I was able to do this without screwing anything up I might even consider tackling a more difficult task next time. Hmmm, remote control functions...

Thanks Rudy and keep up the great work!


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Søren Mexico
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Good job both of you, congrats

Collecting Vintage B&O is not a hobby, its a lifestyle.

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Yes, with older B&O spare parts becoming increasingly rare, I think alot of us appreciate Rudy's ingenuity at finding ways of keeping these lovely machines alive.

Remote control retrofit module with full operating functions eh??? Yes that's Rudy alright!!!

I can't wait to see what other wonderful things he creates for 2015.

Chapeau Rudy!

Or should it be Wunderbar?! Hehe

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Hi David,

Thanks much for your nice words! Makes me feel 'wunderbar'...;-). Glad the parts worked out for you!


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