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Difference between "Type 2046" and "Type 2047"

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Vus posted on Tue, Jan 6 2015 8:03 PM

Hallo everyone Lets have a Party !!!

I am wondering if you can all help me out and tell me the difference between the (master link) signal box "type 2046" - of which I already have a few - and (master link) signal box "type 2047" - of which I don´t owe any as of yet.....??

I am wanting to hook up my Beomaster 3500 with 2 passive speakers (red line series and CX100) in three different rooms and wondering if I can use "type 2046" for this purpose (together with "extra speaker link")?

Also, I have another Beomaster 3500 that I also want to hook up to three different rooms, each room with 2 passive speakers (red line series and CX100).... will I be able to use "type 2047" for this purpose (together with "extra speaker link")?

When does one use "type 2046" and when does one use "type 2047"?

I have tried looking all over the internet for the above information, but no luck! I hope someone is kind to let me teach me more about B & O since I am eager to learn but not knowing how quite to built my system the way I want it.....and not knowing if I can use the above products for this purpose......?

Thanks in advance for your kind answer Smile

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Keith Saunders
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You may wish to look HERE for Type 2046 Mark 2 MCL 2A and HERE for type 2047 MCL X-TRA Speaker Kit.

Other information can be found HERE

Regards Keith....

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