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Mmc or smmc

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bramble posted on Tue, Jan 6 2015 6:00 PM
Hello ,

Would you stick with your mmc ( ie get it retipped) or would you buy smmc from soundsmith.

Have any of you tried both? Is there abetter of the two?

My mmc is getting near the end, and would like some feed back before I shell out on any of the above.

Kind rgdsSad

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, 4 x beolab 4's, form 2, h2, a2,a1 and a beolab 2 😀😀




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Peter replied on Tue, Mar 31 2015 2:27 PM

He did an MMC2 for me and it was superb.


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Tim replied on Wed, Jan 13 2021 6:54 AM

A few years ago, I sent a worn MMC5 I'd gotten off ebay to FJS @ tonabnehmer/schallplattennadeln. He gave me instructions on sending the cartridge to him and various options - I sent it tracked and it showed as delivered but then I was ghosted and never heard anything else back via email. I only lost 35 bucks or so, plus the shipping, but I'm still pissed about it. I only wish I had gone through ebay and not via direct correspondence, maybe I would have had recourse through ebay at least.

I ended up getting an SMMC4 about 6 months ago after the price seemed to drop down to 200, and i'm pretty happy. it doesn't sound the best on inner grooves on my RX2, but i otherwise like the sound signature (it's definitely brighter than my still-good MMC2 on my TX2)

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styppen replied on Mon, Jan 18 2021 11:00 AM

My 2 cents regarding FJS.

I have sent a couple of SP14 and SP10 to Axel back then when he was still active. I was always satisfacted with his service and his communication.

Apparently, FJS took over after Axel. He also retipped some of my SP14s and it pains me to say but communication with him is rather weird and akward. I always had a feeling of disinterest from his side.

Half a year ago I purchased a MMC2 from him and everything was fine. I did however notice that the cantilever is a bit too long and the stylus protector cannot be closed because it hits the cantilever. 

All in all, I didn't make a fuss about it but it did make me doubt his level of service. I also wonder whats the impact on the stylus pressure because the cantilever is longer than it should be. Anyhow, I will definitely think twice before sending any more B&O pickups to FJS ...

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it pains me to say but communication with him is rather weird and akward. I always had a feeling of disinterest from his side.

I'm sorry to say it too, but between experience and what I read here and there, it seems it quite common to a lot of those artisan.

Maybe it can be explained by the fact that we, clients are often in the middle of retaliations or with the urgent will to listen to records again etc etc,
and for them it is daily work and they have to deal with all the clients sollicitations and fears.


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Hello Tim

I sent a damaged MMC4 to FJS and I got it back all nice and working. No complaints.

However I have another question regarding these cartridges. I acquired a non working 1800 turntable with a good MMC5.

The cartridge was great and I am in the middle of repairing the tonearm. Tedious but it is progressing. Two of the wires were broken so I am in the middle of a rebuild which involved de-soldering the wires from the small circuit board.

I need to re-solder and have identified each wire from the cartridge shell. However the pins are not labelled and I do not want to do a trial and error. They are in a diamond, shape.Do you happen to know the pin config on the back of the cartridge, Don't seem able to find it on line.


Thanks in advance



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