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Beolab 6000 - bass woofer issue

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Kean posted on Sun, Jan 4 2015 6:49 PM

Hello everybody and seasons greetings. i need some advice... I have a woofer (the bottom one) on one of my Beolab 6000 that is reverberating particularly on bass beats. I assume this is a bass woofer but could not find schematics and did not want to open it up without knowing a best course of action. By applying a little pressure the woofer sounds better. As you can tell I am not an expert at this so any help from you guys is welcomed. Thanks Kean

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Check if there is a crack in the rubber ring. I had in mine, was difficult to see. If you need a replacement, I have 3 from my old ones lying in the basement. Smile

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Jeff replied on Sun, Jan 4 2015 8:32 PM

Could be either a torn surround, common on the little woofers in the BL6000, or perhaps a rubbing voice coil. Check the surround as indicated, also gently press the driver in and out, carefully so as not to push it sideways, try to do straight in and out, and see if you get rubbing.

If you have to replace the driver be aware that the speaker will have to be adjusted depending on the driver. On the BL6000, each woofer has a number on a sticker on the back specifying where it falls on a range, when changing it you have to read the number, and according to the repair manual adjust the speaker based on the driver number. This is because the drivers can have different efficiencies, some will play louder or quieter for the same amount of signal, so you need to adjust the signal level so they match.


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